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Drape & Lighting and The Springs, Denton

Ceiling Swag

Ceiling Drape, draped wall & stage, pinspots on cake at Springs Denton by Randy Ro Entertainment

We are typically asked to take pretty ballrooms and make them prettier!  The Springs in Denton is one of our favorite locations to work, not only because it’s an amazing place to get married and a huge value for the bride, it’s also one of the closest venues to our home.  It’s a perfect canvas for our services.  The fact that the management are some of the nicest people in the industry is beside the point.

In the photo above we’ve added ceiling swag, sometimes called spider drape, fabric swag, you name it, we’ve heard it.  Frequently we add twinkle lights to the drape, as well.  While it really doesn’t need the additional lighting, some brides like it, so, we do to0!

You’ll notice the cake was featured smack dab in the middle of the room.  Most Dallas lighting companies would put one light on this cake, if any.  Here’s the reason this cake pops so well in the photos and after the lights went down.  Randy Ro’s team did what we call 360 pin spotting.  Where ever you stand in the room and from any perspective the photographer wants to take your photo, the cake will pop in the background. We like to think you’ve spent a bunch on your cake and you should be able to see it in the photos.  (more on this in another post concerning your florals!)

If you are getting married at any of the Springs there are things we can do to enhance the room.  Some couples use everything we do, some Springs couples use drape & lighting, and some use only one service (can you say photo booth?)  Either way we are always excited to bring them into our family of happy clients.

Best to you!



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