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Fort Worth Wedding DJ

Your guests are standing, cheering as you enter your reception!  You’ve just married your best friend and now it’s time for the party.  You’ve planned the most amazing wedding reception with your Fort Worth Wedding DJ!  Your DFW Wedding Venue  looks amazing with an amazing design of florals, Dallas lighting &  drape, linens, and the energy of your family and friends!   First, you’ll want to have your first dance as the new Mr. & Mrs!  A very nice flow for the evening is to do the Grand Entrance and go straight to your First
Dance.  (Traditionally it opens the dance floor for anyone that might want to dance before the  open dancing starts and it gets it out of the way in case you are nervous about it.  You’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your reception with out the pressure of an upcoming  performance.
What kind of song would you like to dance to for your First Dance?  Your Fort Worth Wedding DJ can help you select the right song, but remember, this is your wedding, dance to the song that means the most to you.  Usually there is a song that  you may have danced to on your first date or that you both like when it comes on the radio.  The other possibility is to go for the entertainment value and break out into something crazy!  You can start with a slow song, scratch it out, and go into a fun choreographed segment.  This can be just the two of you or you can bring in the wedding party in flash mob fashion. Either way, your guests will love it, feel totally entertained, and wonder what is coming next!
For couples that may be too shy for anything crazy and want a great picture, we suggest the Dancing on a Cloud First Dance.  You still pick your favorite song.  A few moments after you begin the dance floor will fill with a white cloud that you’ll be dancing in the middle of.  It’s an amazing picture and “Wow Factor” for your guests.  You didn’t have to choreograph anything and it makes the first dance way more interesting
The photo below was take at the Renaissance Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth during the couples First Dance.
Dallas Wedding DJ, Randy Ro Weddings, Dancing on a Cloud
When your Grand Entrance & First Dance are over you’ve just set the tone for an extraordinary wedding reception.  Now it’s off to dinner and an awesome party!
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Shayla & Jerid at Piazza in the Village

TCU grad’s Shayla and Jerid wedding at the Piazza was nothing short of spectacular.  We did a considerable amount of extra lighting and I was the MC/DJ for the evening.  It was an amazing night!
The Team:
Venue: Piazza in the Village
Photographer: Joseph Mark
Planner: Ed Barrett
Florist: Ed Barrett
MC/DJ: Randy Ro Entertainment
Videography: Randy Ro Entertainment
Lighting: Randy Ro Entertainment
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It’s a Celebration

On a Friday night in June we were part of Ashley and David’s celebration. Ashley (a TCU student) said her friends told her how much fun they had and it was one of the best receptions they’ve been to. That is the best thing a bride can tell us!

I love this picture by Erica Joyce Photography! By the way, Erica and Jake are expecting! Go to this link and read down to the video. You’ll really enjoy it!
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TCU, Will They Dance?

One of the biggest hurdles for inexperienced DJ’s  is getting people to dance.  Brides frequently tell me it is their biggest reception fear (second only to guests not having fun!).  Experienced DJ’s have many techniques to fill the dance floor.  The truly great DJ’s have started setting the stage before the wedding party arrives!  This picture is from a TCU Sorority event we did at The Chateau at Forest Park (and are doing again tonight at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center!) and I can only be excited by the number of potential brides on the dance floor!

Chateau at Forest Park
Fort Worth Community Arts Center
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