Draping Dallas, one venue at a time!

We are fortunate to be the first call draping company in Dallas for many DFW venues.  One of our favorites is the Ruthe Jackson Center (RJC) in Grand Prairie!  Pick a weekend and we are probably adding ceremony drape and lighting.  RJC is a wonderful venue if you like the choice of an indoor or outdoor ceremony in Dallas or Fort Worth.  The garden and gazebo are stunning!  Which style drape do you prefer?

Randy Ro continues it’s goal of draping Dallas, one venue at a time!  Let’s visit about your wedding! 

Beautiful Drapery in Gazebo at Ruthe Jackson Center, Randy Ro Entertainment

Dallas Lighting & Draping by Randy Ro Entertainment on Gazebo at Ruthe Jackson Center

DFW Drape Lighting/Draping Dallas
Randy Ro Entertainment Draping for Gazebo at Ruthe Jackson Center


Draping is one of the best ways to upscale a wedding.  There are a few key points to remember when hiring a drape company in Dallas.  First, all fabric must be flame retardant.  You don’t want the fire marshall asking you to take the drape down minutes before your ceremony.  Second, it must be set up on a professional schedule.  Having guests arriving while ladders and workers are still setting up is awkward.  Most draping companies will have a staff that is working all day and can accommodate an early set up that leaves plenty of time.  Last, it’s important that your draping company works as a team with your other vendors.  Sometimes the florist may add flowers the draping.  It’s a good idea that there is communication in advance of your wedding day.

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